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 I was born in Flint, Michigan in the good old USA in 1952 …I feel I had a pretty much average life in a middle class world .. with loving parents .. we always had pets …dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, and that list goes on for a while… We were always going camping and traveling in the summers ..and I always had a project under development in the back yard ..Life was good!

At the Age of eleven, I picked up the nick name of "Sheldon" .. and it is still with me today.


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   My occupation is a little difficult to pin down.. I have been blessed with the ability to do a number of things that can apply to one's income . I have recently returned to carpentry, tile and technical work for my old friends  as well as putting together a book of photo of fur trade relics .

Click here to see this beautiful art work!!

For the last 5 years I have been brokering art from Hong Kong to the US and UK markets on eBay.. Mostly mammoth ivory carvings ( Click here to see my photos on this subject ) .. that business came to a quick end after a "Green Group" lobbied eBay with a study that reported that the Mammoth Ivory Carvings being sold on eBay was not always mammoth .. but elephant ivory made to look like mammoth ( or so the man told me on the phone when I called eBay and asked why they were canceling out my investment of 5 years of hard work in Hong Kong building my eBay store and clientele, and effectively putting me out of business ) .. Elephant ivory has been banned for sales and shipments worldwide for the last 10 years or so .. It is only my opinion when I say .. I was there in almost every Ivory store weekly in Hong Kong buying goods.. this is where most of the world's mammoth ivory sales come through .. and only once out of the 5 years was I offered a look-alike mammoth ivory carving made from elephant… Oh the Chinese still do have lots of elephant Ivory left over from their stock before the ban … ( Photos of Elephant ivory carvings ) but there seems to have been enough mammoth coming out of Russia to supply the market's needs .. though I am sure some of the look-alike mammoth was being carved in China, where this seems to be happening a lot as the news would indicate with antifreeze in the toothpaste and so on.. but still I wonder about the reasons why .. was it the elephant ivory issue? or something else?   Last year I was watching a BBC special where the elephant herds in Africa were getting overpopulated for their  allotted areas and the report was showing how they were administering contraceptives to the female elephants.. so the question on my mind is ….is it more humane to kill the older elephants for their tusks, or let them die of starvation?  Will we have to pay the price in other ways like administration over this matter? .. whatever the answer ….it is never an easy one when you are trying to play the part of mother nature.

A few years ago I was half owner in a online Fudge Shop where I was the co-creator of our flavors and fudge making process as well at the development of the website, web sales , promotional e-mails, and package design. They were tasty!

  I was the CEO and owner of a small web hosting company, .  We used to do 50% of the web presence for a tourist island on the Straits of Mackinac at the tip of lower Michigan called Mackinac Island …in the summer it is known to have over 10,000 people visit it a day. I'm not sure what really happened to interest in website development .. But after the shock of 9/11 there was less business so I moved on to other things.  I am now doing very little web site development except for my friends and my own interests.


   Above Photos Taken By: Steven Moskwa -  Flash Author: Bob

 As you can see I am a photographer.  Most of my photo history is now here in this Gallery!  I'm into digital photography mostly... so I find myself working in Adobe PhotoShop quit a bit.

Here are some of the other positions and occupations I have held:
   Networking, System administrator, Computer hardware and software tech, Cabinet maker and Finish Carpenter, Plumber , Brick Mason , Lock Smith, Satellite /Cable and TV Technician, Candy Maker, Webmaster and Monster builder at The Haunted Theatre -on Mackinac Island **see you tube below** ( there will be more coming soon to my gallery! )
Oh yeah, and I was the Second assistant to the property master on the Movie "Somewhere in Time " in 1979... it was a nice fun-filled summer that year...

The monsters in this video were built by the late  Dale Kuyper who's works of art were built for  films like the "Cave Man" and "The Howling" .
 In this video with the "man thing" surrounded by the mad scientist lab equipment  which I was responsible for building.

   Before all of the above I owned a small construction company for about 10 years on Mackinac Island doing mostly maintenance and repair for a lot of the summer cottages there.

   I enjoy anything out of doors ... and that ties in with my photography . I enjoy hiking and camping ... I have enjoyed traveling and  have fallen in love with all things Asian.  I have been to Canada, Malaysia , Taiwan , China, Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia, Macau and Thailand


My Friend the Koi

I use to have a pond on my old ranch where I loved to raise goldfish and koi ..

For a while I use to prospect for gold ...  I traveled the western states and I found a bit here and there ... but it was mostly a fun thing and not for profit . (more photos will be posted soon)


I'm into solar wind energy ...
I have also built a few travel buses ... I will add the photos to my gallery as soon as I can dig them out ..

 I also enjoy cycling... I guess the list is pretty much endless ...

As always this site will be a ongoing work in progress !

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